Trauma and the Tarot

Explore how to use the Tarot as a tool for self tending around trauma. Guided by Lindsay Mack, learn the basics of Tarot Anchoring™, and how Tarot can be a tool to help clarify the truth of the present moment when things feel muddled or unclear.

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The Tarot can truly be a beacon of light in profoundly dark moments.

The Tarot can be a profound ally and anchor in moments of big noise from the thinking mind, helping us to identify our brain from our soul and then how to wisely respond to our circumstances from a centered place.

Together, we will journey into the basics of how Tarot can be a tool to help clarify the truth of the present moment when things feel muddled or unclear, and how we can begin to apply these skills to our day to day life, including the moments in life where we can become triggered. 

This subject is the backbone and core of my work with the Tarot, and I have had the honor of teaching this subject and material for the last five years. What I share in this workshop was developed through my 22 years of working with the Tarot as an ally and anchor point in my own healing journey through physical abuse, brain chemistry, breakdowns, and complex PTSD.

Develop concrete practices with your deck that you can turn to while in moments of crisis or contraction.

Your Teacher

Lindsay Mack

Lindsay (she/her, they/them) is an intuitive artist, Tarot teacher, writer, podcast host, and the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. As a joyful survivor of childhood abuse, C-PTSD, and chronic pain/illness, Lindsay is passionately dedicated to honoring and helping to bring space, light and healing to those who are experiencing mental, emotional or physical suffering. Through her work with Soul Tarot School, Lindsay has trained and taught thousands of people, many of whom have gone on to teach and read professionally. She is a queer, non-binary femme, proudly neurodivergent, and honored to guide folx through this material.

More About Lindsay

This Course Includes

  • 3 hours of pre-recorded, in depth audio lessons with full written transcription
  • A beautiful printable workbook containing empowering information, trauma friendly Tarot spreads and exercises, all to help you massage the material into your knowing and experience
  • Lessons on how to begin to utilize the Tarot as an anchor around trauma, how to hold trauma sensitive space for others when reading Tarot, steps for bonding with your deck, and concrete steps to turn to while in crisis
Lifetime Access

Move gently through material at your own pace and come back to the lessons anytime

Trauma-Sensitive Audio Lessons & Workbook

Fully transcribed audio lessons and a workbook with trauma-friendly spreads + exercises

Tarot Anchoring Practice

Explore how our Tarot decks can support us and serve as an anchor along the healing journey

"Lindsay's teachings are deeply, deeply supportive and trauma-sensitive, and they have the capacity to catalyze massive growth and healing."

— Allison

A Gentle Word

Lindsay is not a licensed mental health practitioner, and this class is not a substitute for therapy, and/or a psychiatrist/appropriate mental health care. Neither Lindsay, or Trauma and the Tarot, claims or intends to fix, treat, heal, or diagnose trauma or any health or medical condition. This class, Trauma and the Tarot, is a supportive guidepost on how to begin to include the Tarot as one of the many anchoring tools in our toolbox of self resourcing in the journey of processing and unraveling trauma within ourselves.

Please note that this material may be triggering, as it can be very triggering to even discuss or think about trauma for some folx. We honor that completely. Please be gentle with yourself, and trust your inner knowing, your body, and your timing when engaging with the material in this class.

About the Material

This mini course is a deeper continuation of Lindsay’s episode about Trauma and the Tarot on the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast, which was based on a class taught with the same name online, at New Women’s Space in Brooklyn, NY, and Otherwild in Los Angeles, CA. It is not a recording of the class taught in 2018, but a fresh take on the material with new information and structure.

Trauma and the Tarot is not a theory course, and will not go into detail about the meanings of cards.

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Trauma and The Tarot

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