Is this course only open at a specific time of the year?

Enrollment for Rewilding the Tarot is open indefinitely, so you may dive into the course anytime you wish!

Do I have to go through the material in order, exactly as it's laid out in the course modules?

You definitely do not have to! Once you purchase Rewilding the Tarot, you get lifetime access to the material, so you are totally welcome to touch into the course at any pace, or in any order that calls to you. 

Who is this course for?

Please visit this page for a thorough description of who we feel this course would best serve.

Do I have to know anything about the Tarot to participate in Rewilding?

This course is rooted in foundations and fundamentals, so it is perfect for beginners.

I’ve been reading for a while, but I like Lindsay's approach and I'm drawn to this offering. Will I get something out of it, even if I'm familiar with the Tarot?

Because Rewilding the Tarot is a Soul Tarot theory course, it is very likely that you will pick up new tools, resources, and ways of engaging with your deck that you might not have considered before. Lindsay has historically been a teacher’s teacher, so there will most certainly be some wonderful new material in here for you. Some of the course content might feel more familiar or simplistic if you’ve been working with Lindsay for a while, but if you’re longing to reestablish roots and foundations with your practice, this is the perfect offering for you. Trust your gut on it. 

Is this course the same thing as the Tarot for the Wild Soul course?

Rewilding the Tarot is a fresher, reimagined, more streamlined version of the Tarot for the Wild Soul course (which has also evolved significantly over the last year or so). This course is not exactly the same as Tarot for the Wild Soul was, but rather takes the core concepts of the old Tarot for the Wild Soul course and infuses it into Rewilding the Tarot with some new love and life. If you loved the idea of the previous Tarot for the Wild Soul course, this is it, but gentler, easier to navigate, self guided, and perpetually open for enrollment.

How is this course different from Tarot for the Wild Soul course?

Rewilding the Tarot has an evergreen open enrollment, is totally self guided, and is perfect for beginners and/or folk who would like to engage with a more soul centered Tarot practice.

The new Tarot for the Wild Soul course is an open and close enrollment that contains much deeper dives into the cards from a Tarot Anchoring perspective, with more advanced material on the whole. Both are self-paced courses.

Rewilding is a brand new extraction of the beginner level foundations that were previously in TFTWS, and now TFTWS is now a potent mentorship for those who feel called to work with me in that way.

The biggest difference between Rewilding and the previous iterations of TFTWS courses is digestibility. The material is fresh and brand new, and the lessons are very potent, but much more concise and gentle.

Why did you change, or split up, the content that used to be in the Tarot for the Wild Soul course and put it in this one?

These are Lindsay’s words about that: 

"Essentially, because the Tarot for the Wild Soul course asked me to. After my last round of the course in 2020, the course came to me and told me that she was ready to be laid on the fire, that there had to be a big shift. She didn’t ever want to be taught again without some big changes -- specifically, she didn’t want to carry the task of teaching people the fundamentals of Tarot theory. It was devastating to hear that, but I respected her wishes and released her, not knowing quite what those new changes would look like, or even if she would come back in another form. Shortly after that, I started to hear little whispers from Rewilding the Tarot, who presented themselves as a kind of fraternal twin of Tarot for the Wild Soul. They wanted to be the place where students got to start with their Soul Tarot exploration and education, so there was a slow and respectful separation that took place identifying what wanted to be covered in Rewilding, and what wanted to be covered in Tarot for the Wild Soul. Since those changes have been made, Tarot for the Wild Soul has done the spirit course version of cutting and dying her hair blue, totally changing her identity, and proudly sharing with me the true vision that she wishes to bring to the world. It’s been really fun to watch her grow and evolve!"

What is the investment for the course?

The investment is $297, and there are sponsorship opportunities, payment plans and reparational sliding scale pricing options for folx of all income levels to participate. 

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for any reason, and payment plans may not be canceled once they have been initiated. We take enormous care to provide a true feel for the material on the course website, as well as extensively and plainly list what we are going to be covering, talking about, and teaching in this course. Please read all of the information on this course website thoroughly, and deeply consider your needs before signing up.

How is Rewilding the Tarot different from other online Tarot courses?

It is very different in a few ways. Firstly, and most significantly, it is the only Tarot course in the world where you can learn to read in the way that Lindsay teaches, so if learning Tarot from a soul centered perspective calls to you, you will be learning with the person who developed it. 

Rewilding the Tarot is for anyone who is really interested in thinking differently about the traditional meanings of Tarot cards. We do not cover what you could get in a Tarot book, and we aren’t here to train you to be a “Soul Tarot” reader. The intention of the course is to provide a solid foundation for our students to stand on and build from, rooted in ethics, integrity, inclusivity, and trauma sensitivity, so that they may nourish their own aligned, strong relationships with the Tarot. There is a focus on unlearning and rewilding in this course that is really unlike any other course.

And, truly, all of Lindsay’s courses are in a class by themselves in terms of the stunning visual beauty of the course lessons, the huge comprehension of the material that is covered, the excellence in customer service, and the emphasis on considering the Tarot from an evolutionary standpoint. It is quite different from other Tarot courses.

Can I expect anything from the syllabus to potentially shift or change?

There is always a potential for a syllabus shift! Due to the channeled nature of this work and of Lindsay’s creative process, all syllabus items are subject to change without notice, even while a course is running. When Spirit tells her to shift something, or to add something, she always heeds that. We do invite students who wish to enroll in one of her courses to be available to the flexible nature of the content. If you don’t feel available to be flexible to the material potentially changing, that’s absolutely okay — we just might not be the right fit.

Are you going to offer scholarships for Rewilding the Tarot?

We are not. We tried hard to consider an easeful way to provide scholarships for this course, but due to the evergreen nature of the way Rewilding runs, it is too administratively wobbly and challenging to provide them in an equitable, ongoing way. What made the most sense to us was to price the course in a very accessible way, provide sponsorship opportunities, and employ a reparational/sliding scale pricing model for folx of all income levels to participate. 

Will this course be as effective as learning live, or in person?

Here’s what: only you can really know the answer to this question. If you know that you are someone who does not learn well in an online/virtual space, then it may not be effective for you.

However, we absolutely believe that the course is as effective as learning live, if not more so. The online nature of the course is absolutely incredible for effective learning. With pre-recorded videos, you get to flow and learn at your pace. They provide the ability to study and absorb the information at a pace that feels aligned for you. 

How long after purchasing Rewilding do I have access to the materials in the course?

Forever! Once you purchase Rewilding, you get lifetime access to the material.

After I take your class, can I begin to offer the material you teach in readings and classes?

No. Ideally, you will be offering your own material! You are welcome to use this work as a foundation to your learning, to let it infuse into your knowing and provide you with a gateway to your own teachings. However, you may not lift, use, or claim that the work provided in this course is your own without credit to where you learned it. 

What won't be covered in the course material?

Lindsay historically doesn’t teach anything about the Yods/Hebrew letters in the Smith Rider Waite, nor does she cover the Astrological associations of the Minor Arcana, traditional spreads (like The Celtic Cross), and other more old world teachings. This course is more centered along the lines of, “How can I engage with my deck when I’m feeling scared, or triggered?,” and then weaving a bespoke spread together to honor what we are most needing in the moment.

What decks are used in this course?

We are proud to be teaching with a wealth of beautiful decks this year! Our featured decks for the Rewilding the Tarot are The Melanated Classic Tarot, The Gentle Tarot, The Smith Rider Waite, Next World Tarot, Tarot of the Holy Spectrum, Apparition Tarot, and The Fifth Spirit Tarot. Learn more about these decks here.

Does it matter what deck I use for this course?

You are empowered to use and work with any deck you like for this course.

Why don't you have more, or certain decks in the course?

Because the course is protected by law with a copyright, we must have express permission from publishers or independent deck makers to use their cards in our course videos. If we don’t have a deck in our course, either the permission process was too great or complicated (this often happens with publishing companies), or we couldn’t secure permission from a deck maker. 

Will I be memorized when I'm finished with this course?

If you take the time to drill into your cards, memorize them, practice with your fellow students, and keep up with your work, absolutely! Memorizing Tarot takes learning, then application — if you apply what you've learned to practice readings, memorization is a total possibility if you desire it to be!

Will I receive a certificate, or be a certified reader, after this course?

No. I do not provide certificates for my courses. If you need that, there are plenty of folks who provide it.

How can I connect with other students in the course?

There is no sanctioned community space for this course. If you wish to connect with other students in the course, you are empowered to start an unofficial Slack channel or other platform for it, and if you let us know about it, we will happily share it with interested students.

Why don't you have a community connection space for this course?

The new iterations of our courses are really personal pilgrimages, journeys that will be supportive for folx to travel through on their own. Again, if you would like more community connection through your own journey, you are so welcome and empowered to create it for yourself! We will gladly share it with interested course participants, who can join if they feel called to.

What if I have questions along the way, or get really stuck?

First of all, not knowing is such a big and important part of learning a new skill. It is likely you will have questions along the way, and we really encourage you to sit with those questions, and let them swirl around in your knowing. It’s a very valuable part of the learning process, so while it might feel uncomfortable, it actually is perfectly okay. Beyond that, we do have some sources of support for you. 

We will have a brand new resource available only to students of Rewilding the Tarot, which is the Wild Soul Q&A database, essentially Lindsay’s answers to literally hundreds of Q’s that have been asked in past rounds of Tarot for the Wild Soul courses. Likely, if you have a question or block, it has been asked there! Again, you are also so empowered to join or create a Slack channel or other platform for this course, so if you’d like some community love and support, you are so welcome to lean into it there!

You can also email our team at [email protected] for administrative, billing, or technical support questions.

Can I sponsor someone's tuition or purchase of a deck?

Absolutely! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! If you're currently blessed with financial abundance, please consider donating any amount to the Six of Pentacles Sponsorship fund by going here. You may also sponsor someone to participate in the course who could not afford it without your contribution. Your contribution will help make courses accessible to more individuals from all circumstances and backgrounds, and will help folks receive a deck for this course who cannot afford one.

Are there discounts available?

There is a reparational community rate for our at need Black, Indigenous, students of color, members of the LGBTQIAP2-S community, folx living with disabilities, and undocumented folx. This rate is called The Empress investment, because it is an invitation for these communities, who regularly confront systemic marginalization, and are often woefully and chronically underserved, to move to the front of the line and deeply receive.

We also offer the occasional earlybird discount, or bundle deal where you can get a reduced rate on a course for a very limited time. To stay updated about that, please sign up for Lindsay's mailing list here!

Can I share your course material with a friend?

No, you may not share any materials provided to you in this course (other than your answers to the questions on your worksheet) with any person who has not paid for it. Out of respect for Lindsay, their work, time, and any person creating something from their heart and soul, please do not share this with anyone who has not paid for it. 

Can I listen or watch the videos offline?

Yes! All class materials are downloadable. Once you download the videos, they are totally watchable offline. 

Is there closed captioning available?

Yes! There is closed captioning for every video and transcription for every piece of audio. Please reach out to our Wild Soul Team at [email protected] if you have questions about the accessibility of our course materials.

How does the payment plan work?

You sign up for the payment plan when you sign up for the course. You will be charged the first payment when you sign up, and then your subsequent payments will be automatically debited every month after that for the remainder of your payment plan. If you'd like to pay off the balance of your payment plan early, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we will help get you sorted.

You can also pay off the balance of my payment plan early! Please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we will help get you sorted.

What happens if I fall behind on my payment plan or miss a payment?

Our payment processor will automatically retry failed attempts on the 3rd, 7th, and 14th day after the original purchase date and if you haven't updated your payment information before the final attempt, it will automatically unenroll you from the course.

Our team will reach out to you to help you pick up where you left off in your payment plan and in the course or you're welcome to reach out to us at [email protected].

If we are not able to reach you and if we do not receive payment from you within 60 days, your account will be turned over to our financial team to bring about a resolution.

Can I gift the course to someone I love?

How thoughtful and generous you are! The easiest way to gift Rewilding the Tarot to someone is to sign up with their name, their email and your credit card information. If you'd like to surprise them on a certain day, simply wait to sign up on that day. Email [email protected] if your recipient has an existing Soul Tarot School account or if you have questions about this process.

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