Who is this course for?

Those who have a desire to live their Tarot practice, to move to the next level of their relationship with these cards — and understand that their work, commitment, and dedication will be the key to achieving those results. 

Those who consider themselves autonomous learners, and love self paced course models.

Those who have sought a Tarot education through books, or other styles of learning, and have felt like they wanted to go much deeper.

Those who have been intrigued by Lindsay’s work around Tarot Anchoring, and have been seeking an immersive education in this style of Tarot teaching. 

Anyone who longs to trust and build confidence in their own wise knowing, as it relates to the Tarot. 

Anyone who is desiring a creatively robust, self empowered, supportive course, as it relates to the Tarot. 

Anyone who desires to engage with deep exploration, creative writing and self-inquiry to uncover their unique relationship to the cards. To get the most out of this course, it will be an active learning experience in which you deeply consider how to apply Tarot to your daily life and needs.

Anyone who loves and appreciates an authentic, no bullshit style of spiritual teaching.

Who is this course NOT for?

Anyone who wants a foundational approach to the Tarot that specifically covers interpretations of every card in the deck in a linear framework. If that’s you, the Rewilding the Tarot course may be what you’re looking for, and is open for enrollment now!

Anyone who is uncomfortable with self-paced learning, needs a lot of one-on-one hand holding, or does not learn well with virtual or video material. 

Anyone who is looking for a method of working with the Tarot in a future based, predictive way, or who wants a more traditional, old world Tarot education, with tons of time spent on the symbolism and significance around each card. 

Anyone looking for a certificate at the end of this course. 

Anyone who wants a “love and light,” no cursing, no rawness approach to the Tarot. If you are looking for that, Lindsay is not your teacher. 

Anyone who is uncomfortable with Tarot being blended with the issues that are facing our planet at this time. Climate change will be acknowledged in this course. Racism and white supremacy, oppression, and systemic inequities will be acknowledged in this course. If you are committed to your beliefs that any of these things are either not happening, or not of the highest importance, this course is not for you. 

Anyone who is not ready to look at themselves deeply. Lindsay is a gentle, heart-centered teacher, but one who will ask you to go deep into your self-inquiry, and your soul work. It's not for the faint of heart. It requires a commitment to yourself and a sturdiness of spirit. If you sign up, prepare to go deep.

What Tarot for the Wild Soul students had to say:

“Your way of interpreting and experiencing the cards really opened the Tarot up for me and made it a beloved tool in my practice.”

"I had been doing intuitive channeling for years before for myself and friends and family and many traditional Tarot card meanings felt too fixed, determined and not inclusive. It just wasn't always a language that flowed with my natural intuition, but your teachings changed that for me. Tarot feels so natural and a perfect mirror for me now. Thank you for always listening to your guidance and bringing these teachings!" — Nicole


"Your ability to hold space and your willingness to be vulnerable and to serve have been medicine for me. Even more than that, you have provided me a vocabulary to hear and speak with myself. It’s a gift I’ll be eternally grateful for." — Rebecca


“Tarot for the Wild Soul was one of the best investments I've ever made.”

"Lindsay taught me to read the Tarot with a radically open heart and then she set me free to make the cards my own and develop a deep relationship with my Higher Power on my own terms." — Alyssa


"Words can’t really capture how your wisdom has guided me through so much turbulent growth and evolution in my inner and outer worlds. It’s been freaking massive. The way you teach holds so much precious space that it truly feels like a rich conversation taking place between minds and hearts." — Lucy


“Tarot for the Wild Soul brought me deep healing and a changed sense of purpose.”

"Taking Tarot for the Wild Soul has been profoundly transformative. I wasn't only given some amazing knowledge, I was shown how to develop my own understanding over time. It demanded deep emotional work of me: made me confront fears, cry, and push through." — Simon