Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who has taken courses or read books on intuitive and psychic development, but has not resonated with what was shared
  • Anyone who struggles with their intuition, or struggles to believe they even could be intuitive
  • Anyone who longs to strengthen and build trust around their intuition, but isn’t sure how
  • Anyone who experiences fear and trepidation around their intuition, and wants to work with a gentle resource that honors those feelings
  • Anyone seeking to reclaim their intuition outside of the binary of labels, hierarchy, or judgements (i.e.,, not being intuitive “enough”)
  • Anyone who is seeking a simple, yet robust primer on intuitive reclamation, presented through a warm, caring, wholly empowering lens

Who is this course NOT for?

  • Anyone who is uncomfortable with self-paced learning, who needs a lot of hand holding, and/or doesn’t learn well with virtual material.
  • Anyone seeking a “love and light,” no cursing, no rawness approach to the Tarot. If you are looking for that, I am not your teacher. 
  • Anyone who feels that there is a right and wrong way to approach intuition, or is looking for a one size fits all approach to intuitive development. 
  • Anyone expecting to get clear guidance on enhancing mediumship, finding out what “kind” of intuitive they are, or wanting exercises on things like opening the third eye. We will not be covering anything like that in this course.