The Tarot belongs to you.

Never, ever, ever forget: The Tarot existed long before anyone brought it down into paper, or card form. We get to reclaim our own sovereignty and autonomy around the Tarot. The archetypal invitations woven into the fabric of Tarot cards have been around since time immemorial.

This is one of the Four Pillars of Soul Tarot and a guiding principle for this course. If you're questioning whether or not you belong in this circle — be assured that this course was made to guide you back into sacred relationship with your deck — a dynamic, ever-evolving relationship that is all your own. The Tarot truly belongs to you.

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Who is this course for?

Those who are brand new to the Tarot and are desiring a supportive structure to build a strong connection with their deck.

Those who have sought a Tarot education through books, or other styles of learning, and have felt like they wanted to go much deeper.

Anyone longing to reconnect, or nourish a deeper connection with their wildness and intuitive knowing.

Anyone who has experienced confusion, fear or a block around diving deeper with the Tarot, or a certain card -- this course will be ideal to get you unstuck.

Anyone who wants to deepen their skills as a Tarot reader.

Anyone who loves and appreciates an authentic, no bullshit style of spiritual teaching.

Folx who resonate and appreciate Lindsay’s style of teaching, and would like to learn the fundamentals of Soul Tarot from her.

Anyone with a sturdy backbone who can hold themselves through very powerful self inquiry work as it relates to the Tarot.

Who is this course not for?

Anyone who is looking for a method of working with the Tarot in a future based, predictive way, or who wants a more traditional, old world Tarot education, with tons of time spent on the symbolism and significance around each card. 

Anyone looking for a certificate at the end of this course. 

Anyone who wants a “love and light,” no cursing, no rawness approach to the Tarot. If you are looking for that, Lindsay is not your teacher. 

Anyone who is uncomfortable with self-paced learning, needs a lot of one on one hand holding, or does not learn well with virtual or video material. 

Anyone who is uncomfortable with Tarot being blended with the issues that are facing our planet at this time. Climate change will be acknowledged in this course. Racism, oppression, and inequity will be acknowledged in this course. If you are committed to your beliefs that any of these things are either not happening, or not of the highest importance, this course is not for you. 

Anyone who is not ready to look at themselves deeply. Lindsay is a gentle, heart-centered teacher, but one who will ask you to go deep into your self-inquiry, and your soul work. It's not for the faint of heart. It requires a commitment to yourself and a sturdiness of spirit. If you sign up, prepare to go deep.

A beautifully supportive foundational Tarot course

If you are a total beginner to Tarot, Rewilding the Tarot will offer you one of the strongest possible foundations to your practice. If you are a seasoned reader, this course will invite you to think about the Tarot in a whole new way.

If you have been seeking a solid, gentle, trauma-informed, beautifully supportive foundational Tarot course, one rooted in ethics, integrity, empowerment, and autonomy, that will offer you the tools to begin to bond with these cards and form your own relationships with them, this is it.

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